Some delinquent cash advance for a sum we never borrowed, with a business I never lent from

Some delinquent cash advance for a sum we never borrowed, with a business I never lent from

That go out has actually something to carry out using my credit report, it’s very certain, thus I think this provider have my personal information from the Equifax breach

I received a call from 518-509-1006 (NY amounts and I live-in Florida) (under my personal married title, that we happen separated for more than 4 years) advising me personally that there’s a pending judgment against me (in a state that I really don’t are now living in) and additionally they need to get a hold of me personally (leftover the final 4 of my personal on my voicemail)within 2 days, which they called the day before and said exactly the same thing. We have registered a complaint and called a lawyer since this was illegal. This is so that stressful and cumbersome and this decided not to begin before information breach with Equifax.

Have a call from Paige Wilson, just who initial known as from a 316 number subsequently from an 844 wide variety. I’m confident its a scam. They cannot incorporate me personally with anything composed except judge papers. We stated all right, deliver me that. Just what court, she didn’t come with account that except a compliance office would have that ideas. She said the info she’s got try from a software. The message she kept states they sent subscribed mail, another lay.

We received a phone call now from a Chris, through the wide variety 619-354-4821, National data service, inquiring easily might be homes tomorrow because 2 uniformed officers might be serving myself with legal papers. Im an 82-year-old older, so without a doubt, I was alarmed. I found myself considering the wide variety to a lawyer,”Leonard Levy and acquaintances”415-226-9265 and a case wide variety. The girl I talked to, her extension got 119. Told me this is a Legacy Visa/First National, started in 2007, final paid-in 2008. Past any law of restriction in Fl. However, this person said that I’d produced some sort of installment deal with them in December 2014, which reactivated this older, so-called obligations. I will assure your that try a lie. I never produced any money or negotiations with any range institution or perhaps the collector. This is certainly a fabricated story from some dishonest enthusiast. This woman at extension 119 mentioned she ended up being getting my “lawsuit” on hold all day and night thus I could get my personal “ducks in a row”, name heritage charge to see who produced a payment in their mind in December 2014 that re-activated this debt. We, You will find every bill on record You will find paid in 2014, no collection service or Legacy Visa alleged debt ended up being settled. I’m this will be a fraud that should be looked at. These are typically saying they will sue me for $1700+

They called my ex-husband wanting me at the same time and in actual fact advised your it was for an instant payday loan and bad checks and questioned him how can they get hold of us

I got similar call-it’s all artificial don’t get worried. My dad try a police policeman, this is the newer con on offer. And indeed they have all info from Equifax. Just them claiming your identity target etcetera appears frightening. Consider it, When someone really breaks regulations enough to see detained . Which calls to provide you with an advance notice that police are coming. Incase you due any monies to IRS you would receive a letter. They never name. It claims they inside their internet site. Name the device providers to obtain the wide variety that they labeled as from obstructed. Phone the FTC to make a complaint . Bailey

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